App registration for Power BI API use via Azure Portal

In general, to use Power BI APIs, we need to register the application with Power BI service. The application also needs to be authorized by Azure.

I used to register the app using site Power BI for Developers and manage permission via Azure Portal. Recently Power BI for Developers site was not working and I had to use Azure Portal.

Using Azure Portal proves to be one stop shop for App registrations and maintenance.

In this post I will explain in detail registering Native app & Web App for the use with Power BI API.

Register a Native App (Desktop Application using Power BI API)

Step 1: Log on to Azure Portal

Select App Registrations – > New registration

Step 2:  Enter information about application.

Click on Register.

Step 3:  Configure authentication

NOTE: Application ID is the Client ID.  This ID is required to connect to Power BI service when using Power BI API.

Step 4:  Power BI Permissions

Click on API permissions and select the permissions per requirement.

  • Select required Delegated Permissions.
  •  Save Power BI permissions

Step 5:  Admin Consent

Click on Grant admin consent and click Yes.


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