Refresh Power BI Data using SSIS custom component

    Organizations relaying on Power BI for data insights have top priority to keep data up-to-date.Scheduling dataset refresh keeps data up-to-date. As organization scales up Power BI, it is difficult to manage the increasing number of datasets and refresh schedules.

In this article we discuss an option to trigger refresh Power BI data via SSIS component.


            In this example a free SSIS component Power BI Data Refresh Task is used to trigger Power BI for data refresh.The component uses Power BI APIs to communicate with Power BI service.
In general, to use Power BI APIs, we need to register the application with Power BI service. The application also needs to be authorized by Azure. This is one time process.
        The post App registration for Power BI API use via Azure Portal explains required steps in detail. The SSIS component requires Client ID from App registration (as Native App) process.

 Steps in detail

Download and install SSIS Component  Power BI Data Refresh Task.

SQL 2012       SQL 2014       SQL 2016

  • Drag & Drop Power BI Data Refresh Task component in your SSIS package.


Open Power BI Data Refresh Task component. Provide Power BI credentials and click on Connect. Component connects to your Power BI account and downloads all available Groups/Workspaces and datasets.

Select Dataset to be refreshed. Click on Save & Close.

Note: Use Check Refresh Status optional feature to check status of refresh.

That’s it! Run the package to trigger dataset refresh.


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